@ The Wing


‘Fashion Night at The Wing (2012)’ was a fabulous runway show put on by the Wing Luke Museum of the Asian Pacific American Experience (wingluke.org), in Seattle.

This was my first experience filming a runway/fashion show.

One way of doing a show like this is to use a wide angle lens, lock the camera in position, and always have the whole runway (or part of it) in focus. The problem with this approach is one never gets dramatic close-ups of the models. The single perspective quickly becomes boring.

An alternative way is to constantly vary the shots, using a zoom lens. This produces a more dynamic final product, but takes a lot more effort. In this piece, I did a little of both. Of course if one has the luxury of filming simultaneously with multiple cameras, this is not an issue. The Sony 18-200 kit lens is not ideal for conditions like this, but it was the only zoom I had at the time…

[Filmed with Sony® FS100 camera and 18-200 kit lens]

Music ‘Ice Flow’ Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)